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How to recover files when final cut pro crashes? ?

Last night my hard drive crashed and all my data’s stored in it have lost. I order to recover the data I went to a data recovery group that has recovered all my files, except that of FCP (Final Cut Pro) files which are not opening. Attempt made to open the FCP files throws an error message – “File Error: wrong type”. Under GET INFO the files are opening to final cut pro by default. Actually it is not opening, rather it is just launching the final cut and when the open project button is clicked it throws the same message “File Error: wrong type”. Except this all other files like movie files, word documents, photos etc. have successfully recovered. Please help me to resolve this issue. I am using the Final Cut Pro version 4 in my Mac OS X operating system. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated, thanks in advance.

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I too have faced the same issue in which my FCP has giving this stupid error - “File Error: wrong type”. When I researched about it I found that it is due to the file damage or due to the project from the later version of the Final Cut Pro. As an experiment I took a QuickTime file (which BTW is an HDV 1080i60 QuickTime) and compressed it using Compressor. I converted that file to the same setting (HDV 1080i60) after conversion and then I was able to pop it into FCP normally. But this process is bit lengthy and requires lost of skills. Well, in your case in order to resolve your issue you need to update Final Cut Pro with the latest version including the Pro Application Update 2008-01. I am sure your problem will be resolved.
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How to recover files when final cut pro crashes? ?

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