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How to recover unsaved file Mac

Is it possible to recover unsaved word document?
How can we do this?

In Microsoft word there is an option of auto saves. This means word file automatically saved within 10 minutes and you get the saved data on file. Here two things deal with how to recover unsaved file mac. The first very thing is file is saved before or not. If you have never saved the word file before means just opened a new doc and start typing without ever saving then it is quite not easy or possible to recover file. But if you have saved it before then there are chances of getting back those unsaved data.

If you are writing on word then word has an option of auto save and it save data automatically within 10 minutes but there is no any option in iWork application of auto save. If word freezes while you are working on a file, you can use AutoRecovery copy after you restart word or the Mac.

Here is the way for mac unsaved file recovery----

  1. Press “N” keys together with Command to open a new Finder window on the Mac's screen. In the left pane, under devices you need to choose the entire computer as the location to search. In the text field next to “searchlight” icon which is in the upper right corner of window, enter “AutoRecovery”.
  2. Select from the list of file returned by search. Auto recovered file name begin with “AutoRecovery save of” followed by the same name as the lost word document had. Drag file out of search window after click on file on to the desktop.
  3. Click on the red button at the upper left corner and close the Finder window.
  4. To display file on screen double click on recovered file.
  5. Click on “File” menu and select “Save As” option. Save it with the new name.
  6. Save it on “Desktop” or any other location.
If file was save previous and lost them then with the help of mac file recovery software you can recover them easily. This is the professional software which will help you to recover lost, deleted, corrupted or deleted word file or any other file without modifying content of file .