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Fix Volume Locked on Mac โ€“ Corrupt disk permissions locks Time machine volume

Macintosh system comprises of inbuilt backup utility for the purpose of effective data storage & management called as time machine with its help regular incremental data backup is being made. Any changes made to system stored data & files is made to the backup copy of data. This ensures for security of data against any sort of threat that you may come across at some point of time. But, have you ever thought of the problems which are quite obvious to arrive if your time machine volume observes issue is locked or made inaccessible.

There are instances in which mac volume locked & like instances are faced i.e. you find the volume inaccessible after carrying out some sort of repair work on Mac system. In such data inaccessibility situation not only would data access from the drive be restricted, but furthermore complicated scenarios are likely to be faced. As such system begins the task of creating backup when connecting to external time machine drive. This is a permission inconsistency issue i.e. the user taking out the procedure lacks permission required for the same.

Permission as the name implies refers to set of privilege in content of file, volume & directory accessibility by users. Particularly for allocation of permission, its management etc Mac OS do comprise of a UNIX based subsystem.

The damages encountered in association with permission aren't repairable in most of the cases with the aid of system provided utility which force you for system formatting. This eventually turns to severe data loss scenario requiring recovery at the earliest.

The time machine volume locked on Mac in the way similar to other volumes appears as other volume icons shown up with a lock placed on the same. Such volumes aren't mountable & therefore data items from the same cannot be accessed. The very issue would not allow you have access to time machine volume on any other system as well and as its influence you may find mac system volumes to be locked, rendered inaccessible & unusable.

What causes mac volume locked issues?

As stated above the mac disk permission are corrupted & is possibly leading to errors with the system. Though the inconsistency regarding disk permission is mainly reported after OS X upgrades, other causes include application errors, virus, system data structure corruption etc.

How to fix volume locked on Mac?

To get rid of volume locked error messages, it is required to follow the step described โ€“

Use Mac OS X installation CD to get disk permissions errors repaired; in addition to that the utility is also capable of sorting out problems in context of disk integrity. But, if disk utility is unable to get that done, the last resort would be formatting & data restoration done using recovery software as no data backup is available.

Macintosh file recovery software scans the drive for locating all lost files & folders making it re-accessible & reusable as required.