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How to fix ‘The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer’ Mac Error?

Data being of significant importance for all business organization as well as for all day to day computer users has to be preserved safely. Data & files can be stored on hard drive included in the system as well as in removable storage device. Due to increasing demand of removable media storage devices, number of such equipments has come into use such as the memory stick, memory card which are known as flash storage device & capable of storing data in bulk amount in their compact size. These specialties of the device make it more preferably used over internal storage.

It is since the devices are quite resistive to physical damages & data loss as their do not exist any moving components in it. But, logical damages that make the data inaccessible are at times observed & could lead to data loss.

In a scenario like this, when memory stick is connected to Mac system and system could not recognize it and shows message as –

The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer

Upon this, it is not possible for you to access the memory card contained data and a message box with three different options viz. – eject, ignore & initialize is shown to the user & can be closed by selecting the ‘ignore' option.

This is the situation when the card isn't accessible in any other device or system due to the error ‘the disk you inserted is not readable by this computer mac', including that of digital camera.

When trying to check memory stick integrity with disk utility, disk repair & verify options are grayed on selecting the disk. Besides, this under partition tab memory stick is shown as unformatted.

Memory stick corruption which may take place due to missing or damaged file system & structure is most likely to cause an issue as such and has to be fixed to readily access data from it.

How to fix ‘the disc you inserted is/was not readable by this computer'?

Formatting memory card using file system such as HFS, HFS+ etc which thereby makes the stick reusable, however all card stored data is lost and to rescue it, disk recovery mac is to be done. Mac Data recovery software thoroughly scans the drive for locating & extracting files from it safely & completely. Recovered data can then be used as desired.