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Blue screen mac startup fix

Are you getting blue screen at mac startup? Your Mac system is unable to boot? Most of the Mac users face the issue of empty blue screen when they start their mac system. When they start their mac system they see only empty blue screen nothing else. Only mouse cursor appears which they can move around. This behavior of system couldn’t make you to log in to system and due to this you will not be able to access your valuable data. Sometimes restarting mac OS X followed immediately after mac frozen situation. Blue screen of death problem is reserved with Windows PC users but recently this problem is familiar with mac users too.

Reason for Blue Screen OS X

There are numbers of reasons for this issue which is faced by mac users.

  1. Mac system which is showing this issue may be badly affected by malfunctioning startup item. Lots of programs are installed on your system. It may be possible that this problem is caused due to problem in any one of the programs. The startup item is unable to load and hence rest of the computer hangs up.
  2. There is damage Mac OS X font file.
  3. Login item incomplete.
  4. Hard drive data structure damage.

Blue Screen OS X fix—

Here are some attempts which you can make to fix Blue screen Macintosh issue.

  1. Remove all startup items and add them back in one-by-one. Reboot each time until you find the one that causes the hanging blue screen. Do it in Safe mode.

  2. This is incomplete login so, first shut down your computer. Now after 30 seconds press power button. Immediately after this you will hear startup tone. After that press and hold the Shift key. Now release it, when you see the gray Apple and progress indicator. Now, choose Apple menu > System Preferences. Click Accounts and then click Login items. Select all of the login items and click Remove. Choose Apple menu > Restart. (Remember list of login items, as you need them later). If this solves the problem then open Accounts preferences again and add the login items one at a time. Now restart your computer after adding each one, until the problem occurs again.

  3. Remove fonts of earlier OS and install new one because Mac OS X inspect the font in system folder.

  4. You can delete those preference files which hold network preferences and for this you need to start your system in Single-User Mode. Start system in this mode and run " Mount -uw" command.

  5. Try to log in to system by boot in Mac OS X installation disk. Repair it by using fsck tool.

If there is severe corruption and still you are not able to get rid from Blue screen mac startup issue then you should prefer to reinstall Mac OS X. Format hard drive and reinstall OS. But reinstallation will erase your previous saved data from Mac hard drive but it will solve your Empty blue screen OSX. Now the problem is to recover old deleted data.

You can take help of mac file recovery software for this. With the help of this software you can recover lost, deleted, corrupted, damaged or even formatted data from Mac hard drive. This is do it yourself application which is very easy to use for this purpose. Use it and recover lost data.